Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cass Kelly Schaedel

My little baby boy I waited 9 months for you, feeling every kick imaging who you would look like me or your dad. Trying to make sure you where the healthiest and the biggest you could be. Only to go to the hospital on March 9, 2009 and find out I would never really know how big you would grow and how smart you would be. They told me and dad they couldn't find your hart that was the worst day ever. I cried out so load I could not believe what I was hearing I didn't think it was true. But with that your dad called the family, family started to show up and I knew then this was not a dream. Family and friends where crying and hugging they where around me and your dad I couldn't sleep I didn't want to sleep. And 13 hours March 10, 2009 there you where 6lb 14oz 21inc, they said 3 more weeks and you would have been 9lbs.WOW who know ,my heart was shattered only for you to come into this world with not one breath you stole my hart. You slept in the room with me and your dad and the next day family came to say good bye this was the second worst day of my life the day I had to say good bye to little baby boy I had waited for and just met. Your sister held you and just hugged you with tears in her eyes, I couldn't make it better I know her little hart hurt she looked forward to meeting you too. Your aunts and uncles along with your grandma's they said goodbye too you also with tears in there eyes.Everyone left my room and your dad and I hugged and kissed you goodbye you where so cold and I could not make you warmer. I kissed your little head told you I love you and your dad put you in your carrier. Only to wait for them to take you and your dad to start making arraignments for a service to honor your life you never got a chance to live ......

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